Easter Food Basket

It is traditional that during the Great Fast (Lent), the faithful fast and abstain from meat and dairy products as much as possible. To show their joy and gratitude at the end of this time of fasting, people take to Church baskets of food which are to be blessed and then consumed on Easter morning to "break-fast". The traditional Ukrainian Easter morning breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, various meats, sausages and ham, butter, decorative paska, salt, horseradish, and cheese is a very special treat. This meal is very much looked forward to, especially in light of the symbolism of the foods that are consumed.  In the Ukrainian tradition, the Easter basket foods symbolize:
  • Paska — Christ, Our Bread of Life
  • Eggs — New Life and the Resurrection of Christ
  • Horseradish — The Passion of Christ
  • Bacon — God’s Mercy
  • Cheese — the moderation that Christians should show in all things
  • Salt — The duty of Christians to others
  • Ham — The great Joy and abundance of Easter
  • Butter — The Goodness of Christ
  • Kielbasa — God’s Favor and Generosity

Decorating Eggs