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Church Boiler Fund

This past Fall found us with a broken Boiler -- no heat in the church or anywhere for that matter.  The boiler had reached its end of service life and had to be replaced.  A new system was installed during November of 2012.  This system is more efficient and requires a lot less physical space.  We are very happy with the new system..it keeps us warm and it gave us back some needed storage space for our pyrohy supplies and various pieces of grounds related equipment!   The purchase of the new system along with the removal of the old  and the installation of the new one costs around $30,000. 

Any and all donation would be appreciated toward our goal of $30,000.  Please give or mail your donation to:
Fr. Robert Batcho
410 East McCann’s Blvd
Elmira Heights, NY 14903

We thank you for any donations you can make.  Mnohaya Lita!