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December 9, 2018


Our Venerable Father Patapius.


Pope Francis Prayer Intentions for December 2018

Evangelization – In the Service of the Transmission of Faith
That people, who are involved in the service and transmission of faith, may find, in their dialogue with culture, a language suited to the conditions of the present time.

ATTENTION! Proper Attire for Church Services

Out of respect for Our Lord and for the edification of our neighbors, we beg men and women, boys and girls to appear in church modestly and respectfully dressed.

     Shorts, tank tops, low-cut, backless, and mini-dresses, halters, bare midriffs, tight fitting clothes, etc. do not meet the norm of Christian modesty and/or respect.

     Your cooperation is evidence of your love for Our Lord in the mystery of the Holy Eucharist in the Tabernacle and for His Most Holy Mother. Thank you!

Divine Liturgies to be celebrated

+ Paul Romanyshyn 12/22/18 @ 4:30 PM by Family

+Steve Mowchan 12/23/18 @ 9AM by Karski Mowchan and Warren Families.


From Bonnie’s desk at the Sacristy:

*Friday December 14 Last opportunity to get your pyrohy. Orders can be pick up between 10 AM and 2 PM. Bonnie says: “ I hope you put your order with time, because if not you might not even get coal…”



Dearest Parishioners and friends:

Thank you! : I would like to thank all those that decorated the church last Sunday. It looks so festive! We have a beautiful church! 

Praznik: Our Patronal Feast Day of Saint Nicholas is set for Sunday December 9. Only one Divine Liturgy on Sunday at 10:30AM.  After Liturgy everyone is invited to the Annex for a Dinner.  Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker save our souls through your prayers and intercession.

As requested I extended an invitation to Very Rev. Fr. Phill Weiner, on December 3 he answered that he could not join us this year. He thank you for your kind invitation.

The Vibrant Parish - a place to encounter the living Christ!

Saint Philip’s Fast: The Philipian Fast (Pylypivka), the pre-Christmas fast which begins on November 15 – the day after the feast of St. Philip – is a 40 days period of spiritual preparation for the celebration of the Nativity/Theophany cycle of the church year. It was once a period of strict fasting, which has now been abrogated in favor of voluntary fasting and works of penance. Dark vestments are the norm for this penitential season with exception of Saturdays, Sundays and feasts of the first class. Now many keep the stricter Fast according to our ancient traditions.

Adult Acolytes: The beauty of our complexed services in the Byzantine Tradition demands the assistance of men, other than the priest, at the Sanctuary or what we called the Altar in our tradition.   Would you like to be trained and help at the Divine Liturgy as an Adult server? If you are interested please see me.

The Vibrant Parish - a place to encounter the living Christ!

Bible Studies with me: NOTE NEW TIME Our Parish Bible Study is on Mondays at 5PM at the hall. It will go for one hour only. I open the session by trying to answer any questions you may have about the scriptures, sacraments and our beautiful Byzantine tradition.  See you this coming Monday at 5pm!

The Vibrant Parish - a place to encounter the living Christ!

                                                                 Fr. Robert

Services from 12/9/18 to 12/16/18

Sunday (12/9) 10:30 AM For Parishioners  

Monday (12/10) 9:00AM +Bill Lavin by Polinski Family

Tuesday (12/11)            
 Wednesday (12/12)Thursday (12/13) 9AM +Jeff Hall by Polinski Family

Friday (12/14) 9AM Good Health and God’s blessing upon Komlette Polinski by Daniel and Judith Polinski.

Saturday (12/15) 4:30 PM For all the sick in the parish.

Sunday (12/16) 9AM For Parishioners

Stamford Bishop’s Appeal: Please be generous and help us reach our goal.  More forms are by the bulletins.


Weekly Collection December 3 Sunday Offering 305.00 Maintenance  Monthly Dues 79.00 Fuel Offering: 00 Candle Offering 17.00 Holy Day Offering (Thanksgiving Day) 10.00 Christmas Flowers 15 Pyrohy  Holubcki  Pyrohy/Holubcki  Potato Pancake Dinner 501.00 Loose Change 10 Special Donation: Horseheads Do It Center 20.00 Special Donation: Anonymous 10 World Mission 00 Total $967.00




Troparion (4): When the disciples of the Lord learned from the angel the glorious news of the resurrection and cast off the ancestral condemnation, they proudly told the apostles: Death has been plundered! Christ our God is risen, granting to the world great mercy.

Troparion, Tone 4: The truth of your deeds made you for your fock a rule of faith* and an image of meekness,* a teacher of continence.* And so you gained the heights through humility,* riches through poverty,* father and bishop Nicholas.* Intercede with Christ our God* for the salvation of our souls. +Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit.

Kontakion (4): My Savior and Deliverer from the grave, as God, has raised out of bondage the children of earth and shattered the gates of Hades; and as Master, He rose on the third day.

Kontakion, Tone 3: In Myra, O holy one, you proved yourself a priest.* You fulflled the Gospel of Christ, O venerable father.* You laid down your soul for your people* and saved the innocent from death.* And so you were sanctifed as a great initiate of God’s grace. Now and for ever and ever: Amen.

Theotokion (4): By your birth, O Immaculate One, Joachim and Anna were freed from the reproach of childlessness, and Adam and Eve from the corruption of death. And your people, redeemed from the guilt of their sins, celebrate as they cry out to you: The barren one gives birth to the Mother of God and the nourisher of our life.

Prokimenon (4): How great are Your works, O Lord; You have made all things in wisdom. Verse: Bless the Lord, O my soul; O Lord my God, You are exceedingly great. Prokimenon (4): How great are Your works, O Lord; You have made all things in wisdom.

Epistle: Reading of the Epistle of St. Paul to the Colossians. (Col 3,4-11) Brethren: When Christ your life appears, then you too will appear with him in glory. Put to death, then, the parts of you that are earthly: immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and the greed that is idolatry. Because of these the wrath of God is coming upon the disobedient. By these you too once conducted yourselves, when you lived in that way. But now you must put them all away: anger, fury, malice, slander, and obscene language out of your mouths. Stop lying to one another, since you have taken off the old self with its practices and have put on the new self, which is being renewed, for knowledge, in the image of its creator. Here there is not Greek and Jew, circumcision and uncircumcision, barbarian, Scythian, slave, free; but Christ is all and in all.

Alleluia Verses: Verse (4): Poise yourself and advance in triumph and reign in the cause of truth, and meekness, and justice. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. Verse (4): You have loved justice and hated iniquity. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

Gospel: (Lk 17,12-19) At that time, as Jesus was entering a village, ten lepers met him, They stood at a distance from him and raised their voice, saying, “Jesus, Master! Have pity on us!” And when he saw them, he said, “Go show yourselves to the priests.” As they were going they were cleansed. And one of them, realizing he had been healed, returned, glorifying God in a loud voice; and he fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him. He was a Samaritan. Jesus said in reply, “Ten were cleansed, were they not? Where are the other nine? Has none but this foreigner returned to give thanks to God?” Then he said to him, “Stand up and go, your faith has saved you.”

Communion Verse: Praise the Lord from the heavens; praise Him in the highest. Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.

“The best way to show my gratitude to God is to accept everything, even my problems, with joy.”  Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta







Glory to Jesus Christ!

            One day, during the pre-Nativity liturgical service celebrated at the Basilica of St. Sofia-Wisdom of God in Constantinople, St. Gregory of Nazianzus, the Theologian, overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit, exclaimed: “Christ is Born! Go out to meet Him!” This short phrase expresses the innate meaning of the forty days of the Nativity Fast, popularly known as the Philippian Fast. This period isn’t filled with grief, but rather with joy, because Christ is coming to transform the world and grant us salvation not only through His suffering and resurrection, but also through His incarnation.

            True God from true God, begotten, not made descends from heaven to us, in order to be with us in our mundane earthy life often filled with difficulties. The Lord comes because He dearly loves us and desires to make the first step toward reconciliation and lift up our human nature broken and damaged by sin. Thus, the Nativity Fast is not a mere expectation or an effort to recall the important historical event of Christ’s birth that occurred more than 2000 years ago, but primarily, it is a time of our soul’s preparation for the encounter with the incarnated Christ. How should we prepare ourselves for this salvific event of Christ’s Nativity?

            The secular world proposes its own version of such preparation by using festal illumination of our streets, bright and ornamented windows of our shops and richly decorated evergreen trees. The entertainment industry employs various sales tactics which entice us to make more purchases. While in the whirl of preparatory activities, we might forget to prepare ourselves to meet with the newly born child, who is God eternal. It is important to know that the festive atmosphere would only be filled with adequate internal meaning when we repent and open our hearts in order to make it ready for the Birth of Christ.

            Our liturgical texts pertaining to the Nativity Fast period often proclaim: “Bethlehem, Get Ready” or “the Cave of the Nativity Be Ready,” although, in reality, poor Bethlehem and the meager cave is our destitute human existence which is in need of God’s nurturing. The Lord did not enter this world in the royal palace, thus, if we want God to live with us and be born in us, we have to cast aside any kind of pride and luxury of self-indulgence and chose a path of humility and quiet joy from the fact that “God is with us.” Therefore, if we would like to prepare “a modest cave in our soul” for the birth of the child Jesus, then it would be imperative to get rid of the imaginary illusion of our self-worth and gladly accept the modest circumstances of our present lives as given to us by God for our benefit and salvation.

            During the Nativity Fast, the Holy Mother Church puts in front of us the images of our forefathers, fathers and prophets, who foretold the coming of the Savior. Although, they were not soothsayers, or using the modern term “futurists,” but having been inspired by the Holy Spirit, they spoke on behalf of God about essential things concerning our present life with God. After all, it is crucial to maintain our relationship with God “here and now” rather than “somewhere and sometime.” Apostles Andrew and Phillip, whom we commemorate during the Nativity Fast, understood this well, since they sought intimacy with Christ and unconditionally followed Him in search of “light that enlightens every person.” Similarly, amid these dark late autumn days we strive for sunshine and warmth that can only be given to us by the “authentic Sun of Truth”- Christ, the Savior. Therefore, the aim of fasting is to strive to be filled and sifted through by the uncreated light of God's presence in our souls granted to us by the newborn Lord.

            God's Son leaves behind His Heavenly dwelling in order to become one of us. So, what should we leave behind during fasting? Traditionally, the Church calls to refrain temporarily from festive celebrations and some foods, but even more importantly - to abandon pride, laziness and all that alienates us from God, from all that is superfluous in our lives and interferes with the joy of celebrating the incarnation of Christ.

            "The Lord is coming," – exclaim our liturgical chants. He comes again and again to all of us together and to everyone in particular. So, let's prepare a road for Him to our heart. We will light the lamps of our faith, open the caves of our souls and become prepared for the gift of the new life incarnated wants to grant us.

+Paul Chomnycky, OSBM

Eparch of Stamford


+Andriy Rabiy

Apostolic Administrator of the

Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia


+Benedict Aleksiychuk (author)

Eparch of St. Nicholas in Chicago


+ Bohdan J. Danylo

Eparch of St. Josaphat in Parma 

+John Bura

Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia