If you are new to St Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church, WELCOME!  We hope you find the following pages useful as they explain:

  • The History of the Ukrainian Catholic Church going back to 988,
  • The early days of St Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church and the incredible people who built and grew our church,
  • A little about Parish Life here at St. Nicholas and the wonderful people who continue to work in support of our church,
  • Some of the things you will encounter here that you may not have encountered in other catholic churches,
  • An explanation of our Divine Liturgy Celebration and the beauty of our Worship Service,
  • A little about Eastern Catholic Spirituality, and
  • A chart showing the different Rites within the Catholic Church. 

If you are considering joining St. Nicholas Church, we pray you find this information helpful in making your decision.  Yes, we would love for you to join us!  If you are already a member of St. Nicholas, we pray you find the information within a help in rededicating and reinvigorating your faith.  If you are not currently active in our parish life and you have the time…we welcome you!

Our Church is dedicated to St. Nicholas the Wonder Worker – our prayer is that he continues to work mighty wonders and, along the way, opens your heart to know His presence in our Eastern Catholic Traditions and Celebrations. 

May His blessing follow you wherever He leads you!

Ukrainian Catholic Church History

Our History & Our Faith